The 5-axis milling technology makes it possible to mill extremely complex contours

SCHMIDT Zerspanungstechnik uses state-of-the-art metal working machines to apply the finishing touches

SCHMIDT Zerspanungstechnik's modern milling machines make it possible to custom-machine work pieces to extremely high precision during contract manufacturing work. Our machinery includes several universal machining centres and computer-controlled CNC milling machines; among them column, bed and gantry milling machines. 5-axis milling technology allows the machine to position and move the milling cutter at any angle to the workpiece which makes producing extremely complex 3D contours possible. In addition to this, our machines offers qualitative benefits in that almost all points to be machined can be reached without having to re-clamp the work piece.

We also have fully controlled rotary index tables and indexing heads, and work with magnetic and vacuum clamping systems. We're able to machine work pieces of up to 10,000 mm in size.